Twin Sauna

Twin Sauna is our fully set-up product, designed for up to 6 people. The 16 sq. m. wide sauna brings warmth, comfort, and a unique feeling. Created using premium materials, it features a wooden interior and a sleek finish.

Technical details of the project:

Lenght (max):

10.05 m

Width (max):

3.06 m

Max. height:

4.10 m


0.40 m


4 tones

Optional Engine:

Petrol 60 HP

Project Summary

Twin Sauna is the newest addition to Twin Boats’ relaxation and wellness solutions lineup. This spacious and modern-looking product is designed to elevate the sauna experience and impact an individual’s well-being. 

Whether you seek a solo escape or a social retreat, Twin Sauna promises a versatile and enjoyable experience, opening the world of warmth, comfort, and calmness. 

For inquiries to discuss your project, contact us. Let us help you navigate your journey to an exceptional water-based experience.