We provide a broad spectrum of engineering services for activities on water. From innovative water platforms to custom-designed pontoons, our offerings meet the needs of both commercial enterprises and private leisure activities.


Engineering Solutions

Twin Boats specializes in tailored engineering solutions for aquatic environments. Expertise spans the design and implementation of robust, high-performance water structures, ensuring each project meets unique client needs. Whether for commercial enterprises or recreational activities, our innovative approach guarantees safety, durability, and efficiency.


Pontoons manufacturing

Our pontoon manufacturing at Twin Boats focuses on creating durable and structured solutions for water-based projects. Using recyclable polypropylene copolymer, we produce pontoons that excel in performance and withstand harsh conditions. These versatile pontoons are perfect for various applications, from industrial operations to leisure activities.


Floating Water Platforms

Our water platforms are built for various business activities on water. All the platforms meet the obligatory demands of commercial functionality, guaranteeing efficient and reliable operations in any aquatic environment. 


Houses on water

Twin Boats’ houses on water redefine waterfront living. It’s designed with advanced materials and technology for exceptional stability and comfort. Perfect for residential or commercial purposes, they provide a unique lifestyle experience, creating a luxurious feeling and enhancing the beauty of the waterside location.