Twin Platform

Twin Platform, an electrically powered product with dual propulsion systems, is expertly crafted for efficient underwater cable installation, vital for global communication. It connects offshore structures, supporting both commercial and emergency services. With advanced technology and a sturdy design, it guarantees precision in challenging conditions.

Technical details of the project:

Lenght (max):

11.81 m

Lenth by WL:

6 m

Lenth transportable:

7,9 m

Width (max):

2.5 m


4.35 m

Height above WL:

2,44 m

Draft max. (by floats)

0.47 m

Draft max. (by engines):

0.79 m

Air draft:

0.63 m


1.6 ton

Deadweight max:

2,6 ton

Project Summary

Twin Platform was initially developed for a custom order, leveraging its practical benefits. With an impressive 6-hour continuous operation, the platform is essential for transportation and project execution. The dual propulsion systems provide enhanced stability and control, ensuring precise cable deployment.

Powered by an electric system, the Twin Platform emphasizes an eco-friendly approach, reducing environmental impact while maintaining high performance. It exemplifies a commitment to innovation and resilience, setting a new benchmark in underwater cable installation technology.

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