Twin Butterfly

Butterfly is a trimaran-type houseboat held afloat by three hydrodynamic pontoons. It is a very cosy and convenient house with 29 sq. m of living space, allowing you to enjoy life on the water in all seasons comfortably. This house is designed in separate modules, making it easy to transport and assemble. 

Technical details of the project:

Lenght (max):

11.82 m

Width (max):

4.5 m

Max. height:

4.8 m


0.52 m

Living area:

29 sq. m

Sleeping area:


Weight (max):

15 tones

Optional Engine:

Petrol 60 AG

Optional Engine:

Electric 2x10kW

Project Summary

Twin Butterfly by Twin Boats merges elegance with functionality in a trimaran-style houseboat. Its three hydrodynamic pontoons ensure outstanding stability and provide 29 sq. m of living space, making it ideal for various waterways. Engine options include a 60 HP petrol or a 2x10kW electric motor to suit different environments. 

This modular houseboat is designed for easy transport and assembly, offering a comfortable, adaptable waterborne lifestyle for up to four people. Twin Butterfly is the perfect choice for those wanting a peaceful, year-round life on the water. 

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